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Recording Studio

Recording Studio Recording Studio Original Genius Records Music Group (OGRMG) is located in Los Angeles. We are a complete recording studio for major and independent artists. We use top quality gear such as the; Neumann M149, Neumann U87 microphones,  We use top of the line  outboard gear such as the 1176 and CL1B by Tube Tech, we have acoustically designed booths to give you that Top 40 Record Label quality. We are the premiere stop and choice for artists who are looking for quality. Read more
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Voice Over Voice Over Casting the perfect voice for your project is key to impressing your audiences through audio books and creating an overall brand voices for commercial use and when over dubbing vocal cinema projects. At OGRMG, we can help you find the right talent and equip them with the tools to perform these services.  Read more
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Mezcla de audio

Audio Mixing Audio Mixing We take pride in mixing audio files from stems, or PTX sessions that you have ready to go. Using EQ, compression, reverb, delay and other processing we are able to process and position each stem to achieve the best possible mix ready for mastering. Read more
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